Drone Photography: When should I add it to a listing?

Drone photography is never a bad idea and is always an affordable and cool way to visual interest to a listing.  However, some listings benefit much more from drone photography than others. In this blog post, our photographers and staff go over which listings you should never skip aerial drone photography on. #1: Homes on […]

HD Showings is Named a Top Tampa Real Estate Photographer!

HD Showings has been named among the best and most dominant real estate photographers by Giggster.com! For over a decade we have worked hard to provide the highest quality service and product to our customers.  By staying on top of the latest technology & trends in real estate and real estate photography, we have consistently […]

Preparing Your Pool Area for Real Estate Photography

It doesn’t seem like your pool area needs much prep for a photography session, but you would be surprised what a difference a few small changes makes to the finished photography product! In this blog post, we will share some of our photographer’s tips for prepping your pool area for your listing photography session. Clean […]

Amy has been named one of Tampa’s Best Real Estate Photographers!

HD Showings is proud to announce that Amy Kellison has been named one of Tampa’s Best Real Estate Photographers by Peerspace.com! Amy founded HD Showings in 2008 after cultivating extensive experience in every step of real estate transactions. Her photography is both beautiful and unique, highlighting the best parts of every listing and leaving a […]

Understanding 2022 MLS Photo Rules

HD Showings - Tampa real estate media

Sometimes it seems like the MLS changes it’s rules overnight! However, many of the rules in regards to photography have been the same for several years. In this post, we will go over and explain some MLS rules as it pertains to real estate listing photography as of March 2022. Virtually Staged Photos Virtually staged […]

Photographing a Tiny Home

In a “regular” sized home, I often find myself squished into corners. When the opportunity to photograph a tiny house came up, I was excited, but knew there were going to be some challenges. In addition, this was not a standard tiny home. This tiny home was tastefully littered with eccentric features and decor- small, […]

Preparing Your Bathroom for Listing Photos: A Checklist

A bathroom seems easy enough to prepare for photography, right? You would be shocked to learn how often people have not adequately prepared their bathrooms for their real estate photography sessions! In this post, we will give you a checklist of all of the things you need to do to prep a bathroom for real […]

Preparing Your Kitchen for Listing Photos: A Checklist

It can be easy to overlook things when prepping your home for listing photos and kick yourself later when the photos come back. While our photographers do their best to aid you on site, sometimes it might not be feasible within the time frame provided to help you with all of those finer touches. In […]

Photo Counts and Packages: How to know what is best for your listing

Photo counts? Drone photos? Twilight photos? Sometimes it seems like there are too many options available to market your listing. But what do you really need for your listing? In this post, we are going to offer you recommendations from real estate photographers that have been photographing houses for over a decade. How many photos […]

Creating Curb Appeal: 12 Tips from a Real Estate Photographer

Curb appeal is the first impression buyers get of your home. Homes with better curb appeal get more interest and higher offers. Professional photography can capture your home’s best angles and compensate for minor imperfections, but it is important to take steps to improve the look of the front of your home as much as […]