Drone Photography: When should I add it to a listing?

Drone photography is never a bad idea and is always an affordable and cool way to visual interest to a listing. 

However, some listings benefit much more from drone photography than others. In this blog post, our photographers and staff go over which listings you should never skip aerial drone photography on.

#1: Homes on conservation

Being on or near conservation is a huge selling point for a listing- no neighbors and gorgeous views! However, standard ground level listing photography doesn’t always capture the magnitude and majesty of the conservation. Drone photos are an excellent way to showcase this desirable feature. 

#2: Homes on the water

Who doesn’t love a beach view? Or a beautiful lakeside scene? Drone photos of water features always leave an impression and give potential buyers a birds-eye view of what the property has to offer.

#3: Homes near or in desirable districts

If your home is a short walk from a desirable district, such as Ybor City or Downtown Tampa/St. Petersburg, drone photos are an excellent way to show the proximity of the property to that area. There’s nothing cooler than a city skyline in the background of your listing’s drone photography!

#4: Homes on large lots

Large lots are not always benefitted from standard ground level photos. Drone photos offer a unique perspective of the property to best showcase it’s size in relation to surrounding properties. 

#5: Oddly shaped properties

Homes with non-standard square or rectangular lots are often hard to showcase in standard photography; the unique shapes often don’t translate. Aerial photos remove that problem and offer a realistic view of the property and it’s shape.

Drone photography is an amazing resource to utilize, as is a very affordable way to set your listing apart.

HD Showings offers several aerial photography options, both stand alone ($150 for 10 photos) and add-ons to standard photography packages (3 for $50, 6 for $75, or 10 for $100). Talk to our office about if aerial photography is a good fit  for your listing today! 

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Article by Lindsey Cox of HD Showings and StratCat SEO & Digital Marketing

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