Florida Rain and Your Listing Photography Photoshoot

rain falling into a puddle

One inevitable thing about living in Florida is the rain. 

The rain can be sudden and unpredictable, but can pass over in 15 minutes or so. How does this impact your real estate photography shoot? In this post, we will discuss some of our rain policies and offerings.

Our Terms of Service states that cancellations of photoshoots must take place at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled photography time. Photoshoot cancelled within 24 hours of the photoshoot are subject to a $75 fee. 

Nonetheless, we try to be flexible with our clients. If reasonable time accommodations are made for cancellation, we will waive sometimes waive the fee and work with you to find a better day for photos. However, if our photographers are en-route to your property, we will always assess the $75 fee. 

We do not automatically cancel photoshoots due to rain or call prior to travelling to the home.

HD Showings Real Estate & Architectural Photography serves a huge area- Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties are our usual service area, but we frequently travel as far as Manatee, Sarasota, Hernando, and Polk counties for an additional fee. It is not unusual for us to be travelling 45 minutes to 1 hour between photoshoots, and we cannot always be sure that the weather is different elsewhere or that it will not clear up prior to our arrival. Similarly, we have encountered many agents that want us to photograph rain or shine. If you need to cancel due to rain, call our office ASAP and we will attempt to cancel within an appropriate window to avoid a late cancel fee- but it is not guaranteed. 

dark and stormy front photo of a home

“It’s too late to cancel, what should I do?”

Your cancellation window ha passed and the photographer is on the way. What are you options?

Option 1 is to proceed wit the photoshoot as planned. We often can photograph exteriors in the rain! Though the pavement and foliage will still appear wet in photos, we replace the skies and brighten everything up free of charge for rainy day shoots! In this instance, you will not incur any additional fees- just what you originally planned on paying. 

Option 2 is to proceed with interiors and have us return another day for exteriors. In this scenario, you would pay the late cancel fee in addition to the cost of however many photos we take of the interiors.

Option 3 is to fully forfeit the shoot and have the photographer return another time. In this scenario, the $75 fee will be incurred in addition to whatever is photographed on the return trip.

We hope this post helped you better understand our policies regarding rain and cancellations.

Please take a moment to review our Terms of Service prior to placing an order with us. Stay dry!




Article by Lindsey Cox of HD Showings and StratCat SEO & Digital Marketing

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Commercial Photography: What Makes It Different

Clients sometimes ask us, “Why is there a separate order form for commercial/rental/Air B&B properties”?

Well, the main reason for this distinction is because of the difference in licensing rights for the images versus a standard real estate listing photography photoshoot.

stylish kitchen photograph for interior designers and architects

Residential Real Estate and Commercial/Rental/Air B&B photos have different licensing rights.

Photos taken for the purpose of posting to the MLS and advertising a home for sale are licensed for that specific limited use. A rental or AirBnb owner will post the photos multiple times over the course of the unit’s rental lifespan, thus the license for these properties are extended. 

This is somewhat similar to how music rights work. Van Halen will let you purchase one of their songs for personal use for a set price but will charge you a different rate if you are using the song on a TV commercial. 

close up photo of blue cord MRI machine in a hospital

Commercial/rental/Air B&B photography is also generally photographed with a different style. 

Particularly with vacation rentals and Air B&B, clients often want to showcase the amenities offered (appliances provided, toiletries, entertainment pieces, etc.) in addition to the space. With regular real estate listing photography, we often do not focus on these things as they are usually not a part of or critical to the sale. Long term licensing photoshoots often take our photographers longer as taking stylish and attractive photos of these amenities usually takes more finesse. 



Article by Lindsey Cox of HD Showings and StratCat SEO & Digital Marketing

Drone Photography: When should I add it to a listing?

Drone photography is never a bad idea and is always an affordable and cool way to visual interest to a listing. 

However, some listings benefit much more from drone photography than others. In this blog post, our photographers and staff go over which listings you should never skip aerial drone photography on.

#1: Homes on conservation

Being on or near conservation is a huge selling point for a listing- no neighbors and gorgeous views! However, standard ground level listing photography doesn’t always capture the magnitude and majesty of the conservation. Drone photos are an excellent way to showcase this desirable feature. 

#2: Homes on the water

Who doesn’t love a beach view? Or a beautiful lakeside scene? Drone photos of water features always leave an impression and give potential buyers a birds-eye view of what the property has to offer.

#3: Homes near or in desirable districts

If your home is a short walk from a desirable district, such as Ybor City or Downtown Tampa/St. Petersburg, drone photos are an excellent way to show the proximity of the property to that area. There’s nothing cooler than a city skyline in the background of your listing’s drone photography!

#4: Homes on large lots

Large lots are not always benefitted from standard ground level photos. Drone photos offer a unique perspective of the property to best showcase it’s size in relation to surrounding properties. 

#5: Oddly shaped properties

Homes with non-standard square or rectangular lots are often hard to showcase in standard photography; the unique shapes often don’t translate. Aerial photos remove that problem and offer a realistic view of the property and it’s shape.

Drone photography is an amazing resource to utilize, as is a very affordable way to set your listing apart.

HD Showings offers several aerial photography options, both stand alone ($150 for 10 photos) and add-ons to standard photography packages (3 for $50, 6 for $75, or 10 for $100). Talk to our office about if aerial photography is a good fit  for your listing today! 



Article by Lindsey Cox of HD Showings and StratCat SEO & Digital Marketing

Meet Crystal the newest member of the HDS team!

HD Showings is growing, and the newest member of our team is Crystal Miller!

Crystal has lived in Florida for the past 12 years. She has been with her husband for 11 years total, but only got married 6 months ago (fun fact, our photographer, Sammy, was a bridesmaid in her wedding and our office manager, Lindsey, was the officiant). Crystal has 2 Frenchies. She got Moses in 2019 and Trinity in 2020. They are both super spoiled! Her parents are Frenchie breeders, which is how she landed on the breed.

Crystal has had a camera in my hand since she was in preschool.

Her first camera was a fisher price camera with 110 film then I upgraded in the third grade and got a Pikachu camera with 35mm film. She took photography classes in high school and learned how to develop black and white photos. She switched to digital in 2010 and loves Cannon cameras. She started photographing weddings in 2012, and soon also began photographing baby showers and birthday parties. Crystal taught herself how to develop color film during COVID shutdowns to keep herself busy. She got into real estate photography when she was hired as a photo editor with another company, but prefers the photographing side of things.

When she’s not working with HD Showings, Crystal is working on her Photo Booth business.

Here is what she has to say about it:

“A birthday party I was hired for essentially wanted a Photo Booth. She wanted step and repeat photos of her guests in front of a backdrop. I had everything except on-site printing. That’s what got me thinking about the opportunities I could have as an event photographer with a Photo Booth. So I did my sister’s graduation party with the Epson photo printer I had at home and everyone loved it. I eventually upgraded the printer and made a better Photo Booth and started booking events on Groupon until I charged my normal rate. I had more Photo Booth rentals than weddings so I decided to just do Photo Booth events. They’re so much fun and you really get to see people’s personality when they’re comfortable in these photos verses posed photos at events. When the photographer is busy getting those big moments on the dance floor, I’m getting grandpa to make funny faces with grandma in the Photo Booth!”

You can check out her photo booth here


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We have worked hard over the past year to improve our products and customers service so we could continue to give our clients the highest quality photos, videos, and 3D tours of their listings. We look forward to further improving over the next year! 

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