Preparing Your Pool Area for Real Estate Photography

It doesn’t seem like your pool area needs much prep for a photography session, but you would be surprised what a difference a few small changes makes to the finished photography product!

In this blog post, we will share some of our photographer’s tips for prepping your pool area for your listing photography session.

beautiful twilight photograph of a pool

Clean your pool!

A simple but often overlooked step in listing photography prep.

Hide hoses and other pool equipment. 

photo of a pool and spa with a sun shade

Turn on water features.

Water features take your pool from basic to luxurious, so don’t miss the opportunity to amplify your listing! 

Remove all pool toys from the pool area.

Pressure wash your pool deck.

aerial drone photograph of a waterfront real estate listing with a pool

Pressure wash any pollen or debris off of your pool screen (if applicable). 

Make sure any potted plants and/or landscaping in pool area is lush and in good order.

Keeping a pool area free of dead plants, weeds, and debris, makes for a sharper image. 

editorial style photograph of a pool with a rock face waterfall
smiling female real estate photographer headshot black and white


Article by Lindsey Cox of HD Showings and StratCat SEO & Digital Marketing

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