How to Save on Property Taxes in Hillsborough County

Paying real estate property taxes is a bummer. However, if you want to save a bit of money on your property taxes, Hillsborough county offers a solution! Taxpayers can save a percentage on their real estate property tax bills when enrolling in the quarterly payment installment plan. How to apply Applications for the installment payment […]

Vintage Boho: The Interior Design Trend to Watch in 2023

The past few years have been all about a neutrals color palate, with grey and white interiors leading the way. Smooth colors and matching furniture sets made for very attractive interiors that were stylish and impersonal. This is exemplified best by the modern home and modern farmhouse trends. However, in 2023 we are seeing a […]

What is recyclable in the City of Tampa? A Guide

Recently, the Tampa Solid Waste Department released a statement that much of the city’s residential recycling that is being placed curbside is contaminated. “Contaminated” in recycling is item that still have food or liquids in them or contain other items that are not recyclable. The city calls much of the contamination a result of “wishcycling”- […]

How long should I leave up my holiday decorations?

If you’re like us, you love the holiday season. Frankly, this is our favorite time of year and we don’t want it to end! However, the decorations have to come down eventually. The real question is: how long is too long to leave up your holiday decorations? Here is a list of some considerations to […]

Recommendation for LRE Foundation Repair

I own a home built in the 50’s. I call it my Frakenhouse. If you have ever owned an older home then you know, there is always something that needs to be tinkered with.  9 years ago I had the foundation leveled by a local company that is no longer in business. They did a […]

Things to Know Before Moving to Florida from a Floridian

Florida is becoming the hottest real estate market in the US.  Not only are natives on the move around the state, but a recent influx of out-of-state buyers has many new people calling Florida home. This article acts as a sort of “heads up” to new residents. Florida is unique and has so much to […]

Preparing Your Bathroom for Listing Photos: A Checklist

staging photo of a bathroom counter with succulents

A bathroom seems easy enough to prepare for photography, right? You would be shocked to learn how often people have not adequately prepared their bathrooms for their real estate photography sessions! In this post, we will give you a checklist of all of the things you need to do to prep a bathroom for real […]

Recommendation for Discount Garage Doors

My garage door suddenly stopped working on a Thursday morning. It was stuck in the upright position, so all of my things were out in the open for anyone to take. As you can imagine, this was a problem. I needed to get the door closed before I could leave the house, and manually closing […]