Preferred Vendor Highlight: Quick to Run A/C

If you didn’t know, HD Showings has a list of preferred vendors for different home- centered businesses.  Our list is based upon both experiences we have had with the vendor and the quality of the service provided. We were delighted to hear that one of our hardest working and highest achieving clients had ventured into […]

Recommendation for LRE Foundation Repair

I own a home built in the 50’s. I call it my Frakenhouse. If you have ever owned an older home then you know, there is always something that needs to be tinkered with.  9 years ago I had the foundation leveled by a local company that is no longer in business. They did a […]

Recommendation for Discount Garage Doors

My garage door suddenly stopped working on a Thursday morning. It was stuck in the upright position, so all of my things were out in the open for anyone to take. As you can imagine, this was a problem. I needed to get the door closed before I could leave the house, and manually closing […]