Recommendation for LRE Foundation Repair

I own a home built in the 50’s. I call it my Frakenhouse. If you have ever owned an older home then you know, there is always something that needs to be tinkered with. 

9 years ago I had the foundation leveled by a local company that is no longer in business. They did a good job and since that was the first time I had ever been through the process I was pretty happy. 

This summer I started noticing the house was starting to shift. Again. Since this was now my second rodeo I was more particular with the company I wanted to do the work. Here comes my shameless plug for LRE Foundation Repair. 

They were FANTASTIC from start to finish. Literally everyone that I came into contact with in the company was friendly and experienced. Even the crew working under my house on a sweltering summer day had a great attitude.  

It took a day and a half and not only were they tidy, they delicately leveled the house without cracking the walls, disrupting door jambs etc. AND I have a warranty. Amazing. 

They will not be the lowest estimate you get, but they will be the team that can get it done right.

amy kellison review of lre foundation repair in tampa

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