Photo Counts and Packages: How to know what is best for your listing

Photo counts? Drone photos? Twilight photos?

Sometimes it seems like there are too many options available to market your listing. But what do you really need for your listing? In this post, we are going to offer you recommendations from real estate photographers that have been photographing houses for over a decade.

How many photos does my listing need?

Each MLS has different rules and regulations regarding minimum and maximum photo counts, so use that as a starting point. Once you know the restrictions you must work within, consider our recommendations and how/if they fit your listing. Here, we will make recommendations based on square footage.

bedroom photo in skypoint downtown tampa
bathroom photo in skypoint downtown tampa
999 sq ft or less

It is usually possible to capture the charm and feel of a home this size with 20 photographs or less. Usually these homes have fewer bedrooms and cozier shared living spaces, so multiple photo angles are not typically necessary. Most condos and apartments are included in this photo count reccomendation as well.

If ordered with HD Showings, you would be best served choosing a “Trip Fee/8 Photo” package ($75) and adding additional photos to it as necessary ($6/ea additional photo). Your photographer will be able to aid you in deciding what amount of photos is most appropriate for your listing when they are on site and in the home.

1,000-2,500 sq ft

In this square footage range, we recommend that 25 photos be taken of the home. In most cases, this amount of photos offers 1-3 angles of shared living spaces, 1-3 angles of the master bedroom, multiple angles of the master bathroom if applicable, and 4-8 exterior photos. 

HD Showings recommends the 25 photo “Basic Package” ($140) for home of this size. 

cute two story home for sale
photo of an inoffensive kitchen and dining area
photo of a bathtub and walk in shower
2,501-3,999 sq ft

Homes sized within this range are a little less straightforward when it comes to photo counts. Some are adequately represented with just 25 photos, while others need more. Consider the number of bedrooms (1-3 pictures for the master bedroom, 1-2 photos for additional bedrooms), number of bathrooms (1-3 pictures for the master bathroom, 1 photo for additional bathrooms), living spaces (2-5 photos each depending on room size and orientation), and exterior size and features (larger lots and pool homes require more photos). 

We at HD Showings recommend ordering the 25 photo “Basic Package” ($140) and adding as many additional photos as you feel are needed ($6/ea additional photo). When in doubt, feel free to ask our office staff or photographers what we might recommend  for the listing!

4,000 sq ft and up

These large homes often require a minimum of 50 photos to fully capture the entirety of the interiors and exteriors. Some of these homes may require upwards of 70 photos! These photoshoots often require a bigger time commitment, so be sure to plan for that when scheduling a photoshoot.

Our photographers recommend that the 50 photo “Standard Package” ($240) be ordered for homes over 4,000 sq ft. If the home is in need of more photos, additional photos can be added ($6/ea addtional photo).

Does my listing need aerial photography?

Aerial photos are almost always a positive addition to a listing, but some are even more positively impacted by drone photography than others.

We strongly advise the addition of drone photography for homes that are:

  • On large parcels of land
  • On or near water (lakes and beaches in particular)
  • On or near nature preserves
  • Within photographing range of marketable attractions, such as a trendy metro district 

HD Showings offers the 25 photo and 10 aerial photo “Classic Package” for $240. We also offer a 50 photo and 10 aerial photo “Premium Package” for $340. If you only need 10 aerial photos and no standard ground interior and exterior photography, we offer an “Aerials Only” package for $150.

Some listings do not fit these parameters but may have another reason to require aerial photography. On these smaller parcels, 10 photos might be overkill. For these listings, we offer a $50 “Mini Aerial” photoshoot and deliver 3 photos. 

Does my listing need twilight photography?

Twilight photography is great for highlighting beautiful landscape lighting, pools, and outdoor entertaining areas. Make sure all lights are operational before the photo session, as our photographers have a limited amount of time to capture these photos.

We offer a 10 photo “Twilight Photography” add on to any photo session for $125. If you would only like twilight photos or want us to return at a different time or date than the original photography session, the price is $175 for 10 twilight photos.

photo of a kitchen with white cabinets and countertops

Every listing is unique. When in doubt, ask any of our staff for guidance on what package might best fit your needs.

We hope this guide has helped you in deciding what is best for your listing’s marketing! Click here to book a photoshoot with us!

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Article by Lindsey Cox of HD Showings and StratCat SEO & Digital Marketing

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