How long should I leave up my holiday decorations?

If you’re like us, you love the holiday season.

Frankly, this is our favorite time of year and we don’t want it to end! However, the decorations have to come down eventually. The real question is: how long is too long to leave up your holiday decorations? Here is a list of some considerations to help you decide when the best time to take them down might be for you!

If you live in a deed restricted community with a Homeowner’s Association, you might want to check your neighborhood’s bylaws to see if there are any rules in regards to holiday decorations.

Obviously, this rule would apply to outdoor decorations only. Many HOA communities have rules and regulations regarding the appearance of the exterior of your home, and have restrictions regarding landscaping, decorations, signage, etc. If you live in an HOA community, this should be the first place you start.

If you celebrate Christmas, you might want to take part in the “Twelfth Night” tradition to time your holiday decoration removal.

Twelfth night celebrates the days from Christmas Day to Epiphany Eve, which is the day that the 3 wisemen visited Jesus. Some people take their decorations down on Epiphany Eve (January 5th), while others wait until the next day (January 6th). 

If you want to justify leaving your decorations up longer, “Candlemas” might be the right choice for you!

Candlemas is a Catholic tradition that dates back to the 19th century and sees that your Christmas tree stays up until February 2nd. While not all trees will make it this long, those with artificial trees can continue enjoying the spirit well after Christmas Day (! 

Many Jewish households leave select Hannukah decorations up all year.

It is not unusual for a menorah to stay visible in the home long after Hannukah has ended. The menorah should typically be placed to left of a door on a table near a window (Chicago Jewish News).

Regardless of faith, many people choose to take their holiday decorations down on New Year’s Day.

For many people, this is a great way to “wrap up” the old year and go into the new one anew. Similarly, many people view the end of December a the official end of the season, and therefore your decor should  come down.

The choice about how long to leave up holiday decorations is up to you.

Barring HOA exterior decoration restrictions, it is up to you to decide how long you want to leave your holiday decorations up. Happy New Year everyone!

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Article by Lindsey Cox of HD Showings and StratCat SEO & Digital Marketing

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