Creating Curb Appeal: 12 Tips from a Real Estate Photographer

Curb appeal is the first impression buyers get of your home.

Homes with better curb appeal get more interest and higher offers. Professional photography can capture your home’s best angles and compensate for minor imperfections, but it is important to take steps to improve the look of the front of your home as much as possible prior to your photoshoot! Here are some tips on how to best present your home.

Tip 1: Ensure that all flower beds and hardscapes are free of weeds and debris.

This is a fairly quick and easy way to clean up the outside of your home. Keeping these areas clear can bring more attention to attractive landscaping. 

Tip 2: Keep your lawn trimmed and green.

A green and lush lawn compliments your home’s beauty! If you don’t have time to get your lawn greened up before photography, inquire about photo editing to improve its appearance. HD Showings offers this service for $10 per photo.

Tip 3: Make your front porch more inviting with planters, seating, a doormat, and a sprinkling of seasonally appropriate decor. 

Adding these elements to your outdoor entry area can give buyers a vision it would be like to live in the home. However, be careful to not add too many seasonal items to the front of the home, as it will take the area from cozy and welcoming to chaotic and tacky. A simple wreath or seasonal statuette is more than enough to achieve the desired feel. 

Tip 4: Add some outdoor lighting.

Keeping the home’s entryway lit up instantly makes the home more inviting. Similarly, landscape lighting can further accent your beautiful home. If you want to showcase how your home looks with lighting during the evening, consider a twilight photoshoot.

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Tip 5: Clean up your roof.

This is especially important if you have aerial photography scheduled for your photoshoot. Remove debris, clean gutters, and pressure wash if necessary.

Tip 6: Replace or repaint your front door.

If your door is dated or worn, it is a good idea to go ahead and replace it. Creative risks such as painting your front door a bold color can also pay off!

Tip 6: Embrace symmetry. 

It’s no secret that symmetry is pleasing to the eye. Accentuate symmetry in your home in the way you plant landscaping, place planters, etc.

Tip 7: Paint or replace fencing.

Decorative or backyard privacy, both types of fencing contribute to the attractiveness of your home. Repaint worn fencing and replace damaged or rotting wood fencing to give your home a boost.

Tip 8: Ensure that garbage and recycling bins are hidden from view.

Hide garbage and recycling bins behind fencing or in the garage. Being able to see these items from the street distracts from your lovely home!

Tip 9: A fresh coat of paint does wonders for your home.

If you want a cheap and easy way to make your listing look brand new, consider putting a new coat of paint on your home. Don’t forget to also touch up the trim, railings, and garage door!

Tip 10: Clear driveway and walkways of debris and pressure wash them.

Your home will look more polished and inviting when the driveway ad walking pats are neat and manicured. Pressure washers can be rented at most local home improvement stores.

Tip 11: Consider adding shutters to your windows.

Shudders add some dimension to your home. In cases where a home is very plain, shudders can significantly improve the look of the home in a tasteful and inoffensive way. 

Tip 12: Incorporate tasteful outdoor art.

Statues, fountains, and tasteful yard decor make your yard more interesting to look at!

What did we miss?

We have shared our 12 top tips with you, now you share with us! Let us know your best tips and tricks to add curb appeal to listings.

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Article by Lindsey Cox of HD Showings and StratCat SEO & Digital Marketing

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