Covid 19 Follow Up

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The HDS Photography Team

Following up on our previous email, we wanted to offer tips on how we can all proceed with the utmost caution given the unprecedented spread of COVID-19. While we remain open for business, safety is our top priority for our staff, clients, and homeowners.

  • If possible, placing a home on coded lockbox is recommended. Our photographers will enter homes that are vacant without anyone needing to be present- just alert us if there are any key features that you need to be highlighted. Our photographers will sanitize their hands before and after leaving the home and will not touch anything unnecessarily.


  • If shooting a home that is owner occupied, suggest to the occupants that they find an activity that practices social distancing (such as a neighborhood walk) for the duration of their session. Most shoots will not last longer than an hour.


  • Though we can usually assist in minor staging tweaks around the home on photo day, our photographers are not comfortable touching people’s possessions during this time. Please be sure that your client or staging company has everything in order prior to the shoot.


  • If in doubt- cancel! We will be flexible with our 24 hour cancellation policy and will be allowing cancellations day-of at no penalty. A cancellation at least one hour before the shoot will give us adequate time to alert our photographers of the cancellation so they do not travel to the home. An on-site cancellation will still carry a trip fee of $60.

Thank you for your continued patronage and understanding! Together we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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